Cop impersonator pulls over driver, takes victim's gun

Cop impersonator pulls over driver, takes victim's gun. (CNN Newsource / WITI)

It's important to always be aware of your surroundings when on the roads, but sometimes we don't think to question law enforcement that may be patrolling the area.

A fake cop patrolling in Milwaukee got away with something extremely valuable to one driver, a gun.

According to WITI, the fake cop pulled over a driver at South 18th Street and West Oklahoma Avenue the night of Feb. 13. During the traffic stop, the fake cop asked for the victim's information, including their concealed carry permit.

Complying with the "officer," the victim handed over all of the paperwork and their firearm. After returning the paperwork, the fake cop took off with the gun.

Altagracia Lomel told WITI, "That makes me really scared. I mean I live two blocks from here."

Another neighbor told reporters they couldn't believe something like this could happen in that area. Keimonte Wilson says he plans on being more vigilant when dealing with police.

"Hey where's your badge number? Can I see your badge number? Or what's your car number? At least tell me something," he said.

Lomel says she plans to do the same. "[I'd] ask for ID or not even open my windows until I know for sure it's a cop car."

Milwaukee Police say the wanna-be cop is still on the run. The case is still under investigation.

Police say drivers can always ask an officer for their badge, ID card or ask for a supervisor if they are pulled over.

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