Vice President Pence touts the future of American space exploration

Vice President Pence touts the future of American space exploration at Kennedy Space Center.

The future of space flight and space exploration were front and center today at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The guest of honor was Vice President Mike Pence who spoke about the Trump administration’s role in NASA’s endeavors.

“Our nation will return to the moon and we will put our American boots on the face of mars,” said Vice-President Pence.

Pence spoke in front of a large crowd including Senators Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

“America will once again lead in space for the benefit and security for all of our people in all of the world,” said Vice-President Pence.

Inside the Kennedy Space Center’s iconic vehicle assembly building Pence spoke with optimism about the future of space exploration.

“I know in my heart that today the heavens are closer than ever before,” said Pence.

Just days ago, President Trump announced the Vice President will be leading the newly revived National Space Council, which has been dormant since 1993.

The Vice President said the new council will guide space policy and help the economy and national security.

“Our National Space Council will re-energize our pioneering spirit in space. It will restore our confidence and the confidence that we can and will achieve the impossible -- just like you all here at NASA have done so many times in the course of my life,” said the Vice President.

Pence said by transforming the entire space policy the Trump administration will ensure that NASA has the resources and support they need to further space exploration.

“We won the race a half-century ago, and now we will get back to wining in the 21st century and beyond,” said Pence.

According to Pence during this new journey the United States will “foster stronger partnerships between government agencies and innovative industries across the country,” and “draw on the expertise and insights of scientists, innovators, and business leaders in a whole new way.”

“We will reorient America’s space program toward human space exploration and discovery for the benefit of the American people and all of the world,” he said.

In a tour of the facility Pence learned more about the progress of traveling past the moon and one day to Mars and beyond with the help of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft.

The Vice President said he’d like to see the first meeting of the National Space Council before summer is over.

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