Suspect's mother refutes claim he used pregnant girlfriend as human shield


A judge has set bond for the father-son duo at the center of an ambush style shooting that left an innocent pregnant woman dead and a deputy injured.

During first appearance Monday morning Andrew Coffee III and Andrew Coffee IV both addressed the judge.

The father, Coffee III, claimed most of the drugs found inside the Gifford house belonged to a relative who is sick with cancer.

The younger Coffee, on the other hand, thanked the judge after he set bond at $307,000 saying, "Thank you for showing, pretty much, mercy on me. I know at times I haven't been perfect but I've been working and stuff and I've been working to become a better person," the 23-year-old said.

The pair is facing several felony charges stemming from a SWAT raid that ended in gunfire early Sunday morning.

The Sheriff of Indian River County says 21-year-old Alteria Woods was killed in the crossfire after her boyfriend, Coffee IV, used her as a human shield.

Coffee's mother strongly denies this accusation, firing back at the Sheriff.

"Get it right, because you said my baby shielded and put her in front of him, that he's a coward for doing that. No, your police officers are a coward for shooting someone over 50 some times," said his mother, Towanna Ruffin.

According to the Sheriff, the Coffee family has a long history of violence against law enforcement.

In December 2015, the Sheriff's Office said the grandfather Andrew Coffee II shot a deputy who survived. He's currently serving time for the crime.

As for the deputy who was injured in this shooting, she's expected to be okay.

Five people were arrested in the raid.

Bond has been set at $93,000 for Coffee III.

Both men are due in court April 26 for arraignment.

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