Report: Teen suicidal before crash near Mar-a-Lago


The teen who crashed a car near Mar-a-Lago last week was suicidal and reportedly made terrorist threats to CNN, according to a report from Palm Beach Police.

The crash happened Friday evening, at around the same time Air Force One landed at Palm Beach International Airport with President Trump and his family.

Investigators responded to a report of a reckless driver along South County Road.

Police found a crumpled chain-link construction fence and a wrecked Dodge Charger in the driveway of a home on Via Palma, just 3 blocks north of the president's private estate and the 17-year-old driver handcuffed by a deputy from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Police said the teen told officers that in January he and some friends made a prank call to CNN, pretending to be refugees. The teen said the FBI made contacted his mother to set up a meeting. The teen said the FBI told him that being interviewed by the FBI in reference to terrorism will be on his permanent record. According to the report, the teen said he thought his "life was over" and he would never get into college or get a decent job.

According to the report, the teen told police he went home to kill himself. The teen said he tried to take his life with a gun but couldn't find any bullets so he decided to steal his mother's car. The boy said he drove over 110 miles-per-hour on Northlake Boulevard and Interstate 95, hoping to crash. The teen told investigators he then drove to Dreyfoos School of the Arts where he said he broke a number of windows before driving out to Palm Beach. CBS12 has a call into the school district to see whether it has any reports of any vandalism at the school. The teen said he then drove past two security checkpoints and turned down Via Palma to drive into the water, but hit the fence instead. That's when a deputy drove up and detained him.

Palm Beach Communications listed the teen as a missing juvenile, suicidal, armed with a baseball bat and metal pipe, and making threats toward law enforcement officers. Police found a baseball bat and metal pipe in his car, according to the arrest report.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, which is investigating the case, gave the teen a traffic citation and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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