Rally outside Brian Mast's office to stop repeal of ACA

People rallied against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act outside Brian Mast's office in North Palm Beach. WPEC.

A rally against repealing the Affordable Care Act took place Monday morning outside Congressman Brian Mast's Office in North Palm Beach.

Organizers from Florida's Future rallied to get their message across to Congressman Mast that repealing the ACA is the wrong move for Florida.

"I think he's completely incorrect, this is not a good thing this is not a good bill for Florida" said Organizer Sheyla Asencios. "The Country and the people of his district, 63,000 people are not going to have care."

The Senate version of the new health bill will be voted on before July 4 earlier this year the House version of the bill was passed. According to Congressman Mast, the Senate version is expected to revamp the House version, with some new editions.

Mast believes the new Republican bill will not kick people off health care. He says the bulk of the uninsured will be the result of repealing the individual mandate and it's one of the biggest taxes out there.

"It's not because anyone is being kicked off" says Mast. "It's because they're no longer being taxed if they don't purchase the health care that they are being forced to buy and that's a good thing."

Organizers tell's CBS12, that several more rallies are already being planned over the next couple of weeks before the Senate votes on the new bill.

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