Parents worry about Blue Whale Challenge

Lesa Richards is worried about this new viral challenge.

Lesa Richards is quick to talk about her pride and joy: her two daughters ages 7 and 11.

Richards says she and a lot of parents aren’t monitoring their children’s internet use, but she is going to be even more vigilant, especially after learning about a new online challenge that encourages teenagers to kill themselves.

“I'm worried about it, with kids these days you know,” Richard said.

This deadly game is called the Blue Whale Challenge; it's described as a 50-day challenge where teens complete dangerous and harmful activities, then on day 50 commit suicide.

“It sounds bad,” Richards said.

European Media reports the game is already linked to over a dozen suicides.

A School District in Alabama has issued a warning about the game. Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent, Robert Avossa says the Chief of Police has already briefed him about the suicide game.

“I’m just going to continue to monitor it, and if it looks like it's an issue of an impact, then certainly families can make the right decision and talk with their kids about it,” Avossa said.

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