Monica Lewinsky "promotes respect", campaigns against cyber bullying in Boca Raton


Monica Lewinsky-- talking to a packed house in Boca Raton about cyber bullying.

The former White House intern at the center of the Clinton scandal-- is now an activist and lecturer trying to promote respect.

CBS12 News received a press release about this event a few weeks ago-- event organizers wanted us to put the word out that Monica was going to be speaking, tickets were on sale, but on Wednesday, the day of the engagement, we were told no cameras would be allowed inside.

Monica Lewinsky, at 24-years-old, just an intern, became embroiled in the biggest political scandal of the 90's. Her sexual encounters with President Bill Clinton, his lying about it, went down in history as an embarrassing chapter.

But now Monica tours the country --talking about turning the page, about tolerance, not shaming people on the internet.

Today she was a keynote speaker at the Shine Like a Star Luncheon held inside the Boca West Country Club.

Organizers say the proceeds from sale of tickets went to the Levis JCC special needs program.

When we talked with area moms about Lewinsky being in this new role, the reactions were -- plainspoken, most unflattering, but mother of 2 Courtney Weisholtz says she thinks Lewinsky's message is important-- and she believes forgiveness is also an important lesson

"I hope that people who make mistakes and then try to redeem themselves and try to live them down I would hope so," Weisholtz said.

Event organizers would not tell us how much Lewinsky was paid to appear. But tickets were $100 and for the VIP meet and greet $200.

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