Man says he was victimized at ATM

Giovanni Gomez was held at gun point Monday night. He is lucky to be alive he says

The unsuspecting victim was held at gunpoint and told to hand over everything.

He’s sharing the tale of terror only with CBS12 in hopes of preventing the alarming ambush from happening to anyone else.

He just got off work and drove up to an ATM to deposit his paycheck about 11:30 Monday night at Chase Bank, 555 North Congress Avenue, Boynton Beach when two thugs appeared out of nowhere.

“He said I’m comin’ in and you’re gonna give us all your money,” said Giovanni Gomez, 26, from Lake Worth.

Gomez---who works as a server at a restaurant and as an evangelist----knew the criminals weren’t fooling around. They meant business. They got in his car and grabbed his wallet and i-phone.

“At first I was scared because you know honestly like I mean he had the gun pointed right at my face and he looked angry and he looked like he was ready to pull the trigger,” Gomez said.

While the two men sat in his car—one in the backseat and the other in the front passenger seat---they instructed Gomez to withdraw cash from the ATM.

The gun, just inches from his head.

Somehow though, Gomez felt sorry for the crooks as he emptied his bank account.

“I just want you to know like I want to give this to you. Because I don’t know what you’re going through but I want to give this to you and I want to bless you right now,” Gomez says he told them.

He relied on his faith to protect him and he knew he was not going to be killed.

“I just felt God tell me like my work here on earth is not done yet,” Gomez said.

He handed over everything he had, including his car, laptop, and $3000 worth of amps, mixers and other sound equipment that he uses to hold a monthly outdoor church service on Clematis Street near the Library in West Palm Beach called Church in the Wild.

“You just realize how fragile life is and how it can be gone in a moment and you know all the stuff we have, it’s cool but it’s just stuff,” Gomez said.

What did he learn from this? Gomez says he’ll never use an ATM late at night again. It’s much safer he says only to use an ATM during daylight hours.

His car has not been recovered and the two carjackers have not been caught.

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