Man charged with murder, thanks to 911 calls

Man charged with murder, thanks to 911 calls

911, that’s the number we’ve always been told to call if there’s any type of emergency.

In Indian River County, there was a handful of violent cases recently. For one case, 911 was called. For the others, they weren’t.

Deputies say those two scenarios have very different outcomes.

In the last week, four shootings happened in the Gifford area. (*please link story from yesterday*) Deputies found out about those shootings after the victims were already in the hospital.

Major Eric Flowers, with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, said, “it’s very dangerous to not call police.”

He said no arrests have been made yet because they don’t have a lot of information.

“It’s difficult to get people to cooperate,” said Major Flowers.

A very different story on Saturday morning, after a deadly stabbing. An arrest was made the same day. After not one, but two 911 calls.

“A guy stabbed a woman. He stabbed her with a knife,” said a man calling 911 on Saturday morning.

Deputies said 31-year-old Davalon Brinson stabbed 66-year-old Deborah Jackson with a knife several times at the Vero Green Apartments in Vero Beach.

“I heard the noises and I went outside and I saw her,” said a different 911 caller. He continued, “I see blood. I see blood.”

One of the callers saw Brinson Saturday morning.

He said the suspect was black and wearing all white. When the dispatcher asked if the man was still on scene, he said, “I think he ran, he drove his car. It’s a gold sedan. A 2006 Chevrolet.”

Major Flowers said, “our deputies responding to the call, having that description, where able to locate that vehicle not far from where the crime actually occurred.”

Major Flowers said after a high speed chase through Vero Beach.

“Stop sticks were deployed in the 4000 block of state road 60 and the vehicle crashed as it entered the Gifford area,” said Major Flowers.

Investigators said Brinson somehow made it home. That’s where they found Brinson’s fiancé, 24-year-old JoJasmine Pierre.

“Who was trying to tell deputies that her vehicle was stolen,” said Major Flowers.

Shortly after, they found Brinson. Major Flowers said, “deputies recognized him as the person who had fled.”

That morning, Brinson and Pierre were charged. Wednesday, more charges were added.

Pierre was charged for hindering a murder investigation. Brinson was charged with first degree murder.

Major Flowers said a lot of evidence comes from witnesses, so to get criminals behind bars 911 needs to be called.

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