Locals encourage healthy living at Health & Wellness Experience

Locals encourage healthy living at Health & Wellness Experience. (WPEC)

At Mizner Park, more than 30 vendors of healthy lifestyle services and products helped promote CBS12's mission of living a healthier lifestyle.

"We know that by following nutrition guidelines of the Heart Association and being physically active, you can actually really prevent yourself from having a cardiac event of some sort," said Jennifer Rhine Go Res, Women's Director for American Heart Association.

Rhine spent Saturday at the Health and Wellness Experience educating people about reducing the risk of stoke, which is the number five killer in the U.S.

The "FAST" letters displayed at the park spell out the symptoms of stroke. "F is for face drooping. A is for arm weakness. S is for speech difficulty and T time to call 911," Rhine said.

Throughout the day people who attended got a chance to measure their body mass index, receive free health screenings and test their mind and body.

Health experts also encouraged people to be active at least 30 minutes a day.

"You should keep active so you don't wait until your blood pressure goes up," said Ann Baker, contract educator. "By keeping active having a healthier lifestyle can prevent from getting things later on in life."

Keeping up with your doctor visits is also crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

"Super important to go and get your numbers checked regularly because factors," said Cindy Murray, registered nurse West Boca Medical. "Whether it's genetics or you eat healthy or not it's, still important to keep up."

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