Investigators following leads in case of murdered mother

Makeva Jenkins post on Facebook.

It's been three weeks since a mother was murdered in her home, just feet away from her children. Her killer is still on the run. The cold-blooded crime happened back on June 29th in unincorporated Lake Worth.

On Monday CBS12 found out much of the details surrounding this case remain under wraps as investigators follow some leads.

The unsolved case has neighbors wondering who did it and what's taking investigators so long to make an arrest.

“Those kind of things don't happen in this neighborhood,” said Kinga Trzaska.

The violence that occurred in the neighborhood almost three weeks ago is still fresh in the mind of Trzaska. She said her son played with one of the three children who lost their mother in a deadly home invasion.

“ I have a seven-year-old and he was trying to comprehend his friend lost his mom,” Trzaska said.

Thirty-three-year-old Makeva Jenkins died after deputies said a masked man entered her home. PBSO said the intruder let the children leave the house, before shooting Jenkins in the head.

Jenkins husband witnessed his wife's murder.

While the violent crime left neighbors on edge, some said they still feel safe.

“I don't feel there is some guy running around that is going to harm me or my children. None of that kind of stuff has occurred anywhere around here in the six years I've lived here,” Trzaska said.

Trzaska said for the sake of the children, she hopes investigators track down the killer soon.

“The sooner they come to a conclusion with this case I think the better it is going to be for everybody and justice definitely needs to be found here for these kids,” Trzaska said.

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