Hurricane shutters slow fire fight in Palm Beach Gardens

Hurricane shutters delay fire fight in Palm Beach Gardens. (WPEC)

Those hurricane shutters meant to protect us from hurricane Irma delayed firefighters from putting out a fire today.

It happened in Palm Beach Gardens Tuesday afternoon when firefighters responded to a house fire here along Ravella Way.

Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue tells CBS12 the fire started in the kitchen but when they arrived the shutters hampered their efforts to gain access into the home. Firefighters were forced to cut the shutters off to get inside of the home.

Firefighters say if you can, you should safely remove shutters from your home. “Being able to gain access and egress when shutters are placed on structures due to the storm, we advise to get them off as quickly as you can because it delays response,” Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Shon Broedell said.

Firefighters say no one was home when this fire started. The cause remains under investigation.

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