Humane Society over capacity after rescue of 22 abused dogs

22 dogs rescued and now Human Society is over capacity. (CBS12)

The Humane Society of St. Lucie County says they are now over capacity after taking in 22 abused and malnourished dogs rescued by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office.

David Lynch, with Humane Society of St. Lucie County, says most of the dogs will likely be able to be nursed to health and eventually adopted out.

The 22 pitbulls were rescued Wednesday by deputies at a rental home on Angle Road in Fort Pierce.

Shayla Wade, 31, and Andreo Hunt, 44, are each facing 22 counts of aggravated animal cruelty charges. Wade is still being held in the St. Lucie County Jail on an $82,500 bond.

Investigators say the dogs were tied to kennels on the property with large, heavy chains, and given only water and bread to eat.

“It seems they were outdoors all of their lives, chained to each of their kennels,” Lynch said. “Speculation is they could be dog fighting, someone stealing them for God knows what, it’s suspicious someone is rounding up 22 dogs and tying them to chains in random lot.”

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said the dogs, most Pit Bulls, were found by the property owner who does not live at the home.

“The scene was absolutely disgusting,” Sheriff Mascara said. “The dogs were tied up with heavy chains around the necks, very tight-fitting collars, had no source of water or dog food and were covered in mange and sores.”

Two of the dogs had to be taken to an emergency veterinarian.

SLCSO said Wade and Hunt both admitted to knowing the dogs were on the property.

“Animals are often times victims without a voice,” Mascara said. “They are helpless and depend on us for their care and wellbeing and when they are found mistreated such as these were today, the scales of justice can’t be heavy enough.”

As the dogs are nursed to health, the Humane Society says they are now faced with a new crisis: crowding.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are 170 dogs at the center, beyond capacity. In order to truly save the lives of the dogs, the Humane Society has to find foster parents and adopters, fast.

Starting Saturday, April 22, the Humane Society will offer adoptions for dogs 1 years of age and older at a rate of $25.

Foster parents are also needed to provide temporary housing for dogs until a permanent home can be found.

For more information, contact Humane Society of St. Lucie County at (772) 461-0687.

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