Hernandez suicide reignites memories of local incidents

Hernandez suicide reignites memories of incidents that took place locally.

Aaron Hernandez spent time in South Florida and is accused of shooting a friend in the face here in 2013.

It was down an alley near Riviera Beach where former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez shot a friend in the face according to court documents.

The February 2013 shooting is still fresh in the minds of people who work in the industrial park near investment lane.

Alexander Bradley claims Hernandez shot him once in the face in this parking lot after an argument and a night out.

Bradley recently testified against his former friend during a criminal trial and mentioned the South Florida shooting. “When it came down to it, in the end, I just wasn’t going to go down for something he did. I probably would have, but I didn’t have loyalty after what he did to me,” Bradley testified.

Published reports indicate Bradley didn’t cooperate with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators following the shooting, although he did file a civil suit against Hernandez.

Now four years later, the memories of that February morning are once again the talk. “We were surprised that somebody that went to college and played professional football would go to that extent to shoot somebody over an argument,” a man who works near the scene said.

Bradley lost his eye in the shooting. His attorney told CBS12 the civil suit was resolved between both parties.

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