Guardian Angels take over Lake Worth in effort to stomp out crime

Guardian Angels take over Lake Worth in effort to stomp out crime

A group of red-beret wearing civilians are patrolling the streets of Lake Worth, Friday. It's the Guardian Angels, and they're out in full force in an effort to cut a recent wave in violent crime in the area.

CBS12 Luli Ortiz joined them as they canvassed the First Presbyterian Church along North Federal Highway, which according to the Guardian Angels, it's the site of prostitution and drug-related crimes.

They call themselves the 'Wolf Pack,' and they're the eyes and ears of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. They don't carry weapons. Instead, they carry handcuffs to detain people until deputies arrive. Residents tell CBS12 they feel safer with the Angels around.

"It's nice to know there are people out there who are watching our backs and taking care of things," said Leona Navaroli, Lake Worth resident.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office are also thankful. Teri Barbera, spokeswoman, said

"We appreciate the guardian angels eyes and ears. We do encourage them to do just that. see something say something to our law enforcement deputies."

The Guardian Angels have been in Lake Worth for about six months now. They tell CBS 12 they do not plan on leaving until their job is complete.

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