Guardian Angels group helps net 4 arrests in Lake Worth

Guardian Angels group helps net 4 arrests in Lake Worth (WPEC)

A group of red-beret wearing civilians are out in full force, Monday night.

The Guardian Angels, a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime-prevention patrollers, have been keeping communities safe around the country.

CBS12 caught up with them in Lake Worth, on their 38th anniversary.

“We've been here for the last 6-to-7 months in Lake Worth, and within that time we did chase away prostitution, we did put a damper on some drug activities," said ‘Cobra,’ South Florida Chapter Leader.

The parking lot at First Presbyterian Church is a hot spot for prostitutes and drug dealers.

A CBS12 viewer showing us this video of a woman high on flakka outside the house of worship.

He immediately called the Guardian Angels.

“They came, and it was under the premise that they would be a gift to the community,” said Todd Velez, resident.

Local law enforcement tells CBS12 they appreciate the extra set of eyes and muscle.

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