Got power? Demand for information crashes FPL outage page

FPL estimates 2 million customers had power restored Tuesday.

As Florida Power and Light works to restore power across the entire state of Florida, the volume of people checking outages on their website crashed their system.

On the "outages" page it reads, "Due to Hurricane Irma, we are experiencing problems with our systems. We are working to resolve these issues and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience".

This means you can't submit a ticket if your power is out to receive updates about restoration. However, FPL says notifying them isn't necessary. The company updated their smart-grid years ago, so they automatically know the power is out.

According to FPL, the only time you need to call them is when the map on the grid says you do have power when in reality you don't. The number for that instance is, 1-800-4-outages.

FPL says the website issues will not interfere with their ability to get your electricity back as soon as possible.

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