Girls with guns: More women arming themselves

Girls and guns (WPEC)

In 2001 3.3 million women were target shooters.

Today that number is closer to 6 million according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “You have a rush when you shoot a gun,” said female firearms shooter, Skylar Lierse. Don’t let the manicure fool you, Skylar Lierse knows how to pull a trigger. “A lot of people view women as more vulnerable in society… I believe every woman should carry solely because anything can happen at any time,” said Lierse.

Lierse isn’t alone. According to the NSSF one in five firearms sales is made by a woman, and business owner, Alex Shkop is taking notice.

He’s providing classes and products geared toward women.

Women gun owners spend an average of over a thousand dollars a year on firearms plus accessories according to NSSF.

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