Girls thanks FPL lineman with donuts

Macy, 6, thanked FPL crews in Fort Pierce with a box of donuts. (Bethany Layne).

A young girl from Port St. Lucie is making a big difference in the work to get life back to normal on the Treasure Coast following Hurricane Irma.

Six-year-old Macy delivered a box of donuts to an FPL lineman as a way of saying thank you for their hard work.

"They're the ones that are getting everything running," said Bethany Layne, Macy's mother. "Schools, businesses, and homes can't run without power and I think people tend to forget that. The people who are restoring our power are very important, working 16 hour shifts and sleeping in their trucks so we can have power."

Macy's mother told CBS12 lineman Sean Rufo responded with a big "thank you." Rufo said the crews have been working on a feeder line for eight hours and the donuts made their day.

Layne said she's a teacher and two girls at her school are FPL workers and that her daughter just wanted to show some gratitude.

Macy's mother says she loves to help others and enjoyed this little moment about as much as the FPL lineman did.

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