Generators will be placed at busy traffic intersections with no power

Generators will be placed at busy traffic intersections with no power. (WPEC)

Approaching an intersection right now where there's no power, can be a total disaster.

Tempers are flaring, as drivers throw up their arms in confusion and frustration when it comes to when it is their turn to go.

Drivers are technically supposed to treat intersections that are out as a four-way stop. But this doesn’t always happen.

A reason multiple agencies are working to get generators up where they are needed the most.

The Palm Beach County Emergency Operations Center has listed 25 of the most active ones with inoperable lights that will take priority, and those are on FPL’s radar.

All of them can’t get generators because it’s too costly. But four intersections will get them, include Beeline Highway and North Lake, as well as 10th Avenue and 95.

Law enforcement is currently working on ways to secure the generators there in a safe place.

FPL says the traffic lights are not powered separately, but connected to neighborhood, and business grids, and usually go back on line when the rest of its surrounding area does.

At this point the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office and Palm Beach County Clerk’s Office says they do not have information available on the number of traffic citations, and accidents related to intersections being out.

But EOC says it has heard from multiple law enforcement agencies that the number of accidents is actual down from previous weeks.

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