Fort Pierce police frustrated no witnesses in double homicide

Police investigating deadly shooting at Lincoln Regional Park. (WPEC)

Police are frustrated that no witnesses have come forward after the double homicide Sunday evening.

Two men were shot during a community event at Lincoln Park in Fort Pierce.

It happened just before 8 p.m. at 13th Street and Avenue O.

Diamond Kindrick, 30, and Torvarius Thompson, 31, were both shot and taken to the hospital where they later died.

“We have reason to believe this wasn't a random shooting into the crowd so people don't need to be concerned about that, but we do need to know why the shooting did happen and who the offenders were and that's where we're focusing the investigation right now,” said Ed Cunningham, the Public Information Officer for the Fort Pierce Police Department.

Cunningham said hundreds of people were at the event on Sunday night.

“It’s frustrating because we know so many people were out there. So many witnesses were out there,” said Cunningham. He continued, “certainly someone would have seen something, some information they could tell us to give us more to work with right now.”

However, all detectives know is that they’re looking for two black men.

Police did question a person of interest Sunday night, but that person has not been charged in connection to this case.

“This is what happens often when there's a shooting people don't want to tell,” said Cunningham. He said, “we understand that people are afraid. They may have seen something but they're afraid if they come forward and say so that they may be the next target, and someone may come shooting at them.”

That’s why they have an anonymous tip line, Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers 1-(800) 273-8477.

“It doesn't matter how small. Whether it's a shirt color, whether somebody’s heavy set or thin or approximate age. Any little information could be useful to us because we put it all together with other information that we've gathered. So people shouldn't feel hesitant that they don't have enough information,” said Cunningham. He said, “call us and let us know and let us be the ones to sort through it and find out how much it's worth or not.”

Cunningham said getting this information to police can help get these dangerous people off the streets.

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