Former lover turned informant tells jury Dalia Dippolito wanted to poison husband


A bombshell of evidence dropped Thursday during day six of Dalia Dippolito’s murder for hire re-trail. Her former lover, turned police informant, told jurors during cross examination that Dippolito spoke to him about poisoning her husband. “Did Ms. Dippolito speak to you about poisoning her husband?” the prosecutor asked. “Yes,” Mohamed Shihadeh said.

This came after the defense’s key witness, Shihadeh, also told jurors that Dippolito did in fact ask him to help her find a hitman. “Did she ask you in March of 2009 if you knew somebody that she could hire to kill her husband? Yes.”

Shihadeh testified that he initially gave police Dalia’s number because he was worried about her safety and her being a possible victim of domestic violence. He told the jury that he felt pressured by Boynton Beach Police to cooperate with the murder for hire investigation, despite telling police he didn’t’ want to get involved.

The testimony at one point was too much Dalia. She broke down and left the courtroom which resulted in a short recess.

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