FBI: Postal worker takes a day off, robs a bank

Image courtesy of FBI.

A postal worker from Palm Beach Gardens is facing serious federal charges after he robbed a bank on his day off, according to FBI investigators.

According to a report released in United States District Court in South Florida, George Murillo, took off with $10,000 from the Bank of America on South Congress Avenue in Palm Springs on April 4, 2017.

The report says the Murillo was in a “desperate financial situation” because of his failed marriage. Murillo, at the time of the robbery, had a new girlfriend causing “additional expenses.” According to the report, Murillo had purchased his girlfriend a Chevy Impala and a gun. Murillo told agents that he felt that robbing a bank was his only option to help his financial problems.

The FBI said in the report that a GPS tracker was located on some of the money Murillo stole from the bank. Agents were able to locate Murillo driving his girlfriend’s son and daughter after the robbery. The report says the girlfriend was out of town on April 4th.

Murillo did not realize that there was a GPS tracker on the cash he had stolen.

In federal court Monday, the judge ruled that Murillo would remain jailed because he was a danger to the community.

Murillo’s job status at the post office is unknown.

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