Dog thrown off Blue Heron Bridge at center of custody battle

The owners of a dog thrown off the Blue Heron Bridge wants to keep him.

From the wag of his tail and the pep in step, it’s hard to comprehend BJ’s tale of survival.

The little doggie survived a 30-40 foot fall from the Blue Heron Bridge last month.

Witnesses said a 16-year-old girl hurled the dog off the bridge, yelling, "dogs can fly," before taking off her pants and going for a swim in the Intracoastal.

A beach lifeguard rescued the dog until more help arrived. The fall fractured his front paw.

The dog now walks with a limp due to the injury.

As the dog recovers, CBS12 has learned it owners want it back. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control says not so fast.

“In this case, we were not able to get the family to work with us to talk about what can be done to ensure B.J. will be safe,” Director Dianne Sauve said.

CBS12 has learned Animal Care & Control will be in Palm Beach County Court next week for a custody hearing to determine where the dog goes next.

Sauve says she’s not comfortable right now sending B.J. back home.

“I want to see him happy, I want to see him not fearful of ever having to worry about something else horrific happening to him,” she said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has not yet released the incident report.

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