Family dog attacked by gator in Boca Raton


A family pet on the mend after surviving an alligator attack Sunday in Boca Raton.

Lilly, a 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier mix, went through the family backyard’s gate, and in a matter of seconds, was attacked by a gator at a nearby canal.

Anthony Monti, Lilly’s owner, found her severely bitten and instantly rushed her to Clint Moore Animal Hospital.

“It's heartbreaking,” said Monti. “Having a pet is just like having a child, and seeing your child suffer, it breaks your heart.”

Monti said the terrifying incident is one he will never forget.

“She got up by the alligator in the grass somewhere, and it stared dragging her into the lake. Somehow she got away. It got her again, and that's how she got the bad wounds in the back,” said Monti.

The veterinarians saved Lilly’s life after hours of surgery and after giving her countless medication.

Dr. Lindsay Butzer said the dog is lucky to be alive.

“When she got here her whole body was exposed, and her insides were coming out, so she knows she was saved,” said Dr. Butzer.

This little fighter has dozens of staples.

She will remain in the hospital on antibiotics to fight the infection for about three weeks.

Meanwhile, Monti said he spots gators all the time.

"It's pretty scary, just about an hour ago there was an alligator just roaming by."

Monti said this unfortunate incident is a reminder to keep pets leashed near canals.

"I had the Wildlife Commission come here this morning to file and showed the wounds, and he doesn't understand how she survived the attack and how she got away. We're calling her our Easter miracle baby,” said Monti.

Dr. Butzer said this is the second animal attacked by a gator that’s been brought to her office in the last three months.

A gator trapper is expected to head out to Monti’s neighborhood to try to catch that reptile. The area is in a neighborhood west of Yamato Road and State Road 7.

The Monti family’s medical bills from Lilly’s incident is costing them thousands of dollars. They set up a GoFundMe campaign for anyone willing to help them out.

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