Epic Supermoon causing coastal flooding in South Florida

Epic Supermoon causing coastal flooding in South Florida (Courtesy of Instagram/nymuchacha)

King Tide makes another appearance as the Supermoon lights up the night sky, causing flooding on local streets and potential headaches for homeowners and boaters.

The tide crept up the road along Marine Way in Delray Beach around 8:30pm from the Intracoastal.

The city shut down roads along the shoreline, and neighbors say the flooding in the area seems to get worse every year.

This particular flooding though, is because the giant Supermoon is at it's closest distance to the earth in 69 years.

Bringing with it, the disruptive King Tides to South Florida.

Monday evening these tides reach their peak.

This has Delray boaters on heightened alert. Bruce Guttler, a longtime Delray resident and recent boat owner, explained, "My dog scruffy and I came down to do a little run on the beach and check on the boat. Wanted to make sure the lines are tied up so that it has enough room when the tide comes in, and then when the boat goes up that it has enough room to move and stay in the slip there."

Locals should expect potential beach erosion, street flooding and road closures through Wednesday.

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