Crash blocks 45th Street in West Palm Beach

45th Street crash 5.JPG

A mother and her baby survived a scary crash that happened right after a downpour. A total of six people were involved the accident on 45th street near Northshore Drive.

The three-vehicle crash unfolded right in front of some Good Samaritans who jumped into action the moment they heard a crying baby.

“The baby was hollering frantically and so was the mother,” said Michael Wilson.

Wilson described the moments he witnessed in the aftermath of the crash on 45th Street, just west of Australian Avenue.

“The thing that moved me so much was the smoke in the car and you are thinking automatically the car is going to explode,” Wilson said.

He rushed over to the red Dodge Durango and grabbed the baby who was in a car seat.

“I was holding the baby until another lady was present who said she was a nurse and I gave the baby to the nurse,” Wilson said.

Another Good Samaritan named Maurice Hardnett tried helping the mother who was trapped in the driver seat.

“Her leg was up under the dash board. She was screaming and hollering so I didn’t want to move her,” Hardnett said.

Hardnett said the woman was struck by another SUV that was traveling the other direction.

“He came over the median and that’s how the whole accident happened,” Hardnett said.

Our cameras captured first responders pulling the mother out of the car. A West Palm Beach Fire Battalion Chief said everyone involved suffered minor injuries except for the baby who was unharmed.

The Good Samaritans we spoke to said it was a natural instinct to step in to help those in distress.

“I was picturing it being one of my family members. I would want somebody to do the same thing if it was my mom get into an accident like that,” Hardnett said.

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