Commissioners: No clothing-optional beach in PBC

CBS12 Kristen Chapman reports on a plan for a nude beach. WPEC.

Options for walking the beach without a swimsuit continues to be very narrow in Palm Beach County.

Commissioners turned down a proposal for a clothing-optional beach in Palm Beach County.

However, the group behind the proposal, the Palm Beach Naturists, plan to move forward anyways.

Palm Beach Naturists’ Executive Director, Karl Dickey, said:

Although we are disappointed that the county government has chosen not to offer its residents the great option of a family-friendly clothing-optional beach on a county public beach, we understand their hesitancy. We continue our work to re-establish a clothing-optional beach at MacArthur Beach State Park and will look further at which municipalities would benefit the most by having such a magnificent asset in their city. We reserve our right under Florida law to set aside a section of beach for that purpose on our own, and were really hoping county commissioners would realize the value of doing it themselves.

Dickey did not say a county public beach is completely off the table; however, the chances of the county doing it on their own, which was the group’s "Plan A," have diminished considerably to about a five percent.

Florida law does offer the ability for the group to establish a public family-friendly nude beach on their own so long as that section of beach is set aside for that purpose and there is proper signage.

“We have plans A through F, and I don’t give up," Dickey explained. "Palm Beach County residents will once again have a family-friendly clothing-optional beach available to them in the not-too-distant future.”

Palm Beach Naturists, Inc. is a grassroots nonprofit Florida corporation that evolved from what was called Palm Beach County Freedom Beach Initiative.

The effort began in April 2017 to re-establish a family-friendly clothing-optional beach in Palm Beach County no matter if on state, county or municipal public land. The group’s tagline reads: "Freedom - Family - Fun."

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