Child left in hot car while woman shops for pizza at Walmart

Child left in car at Walmart. (Photo courtesy: Port St. Lucie Police)

A woman from Port St. Lucie is charged with child neglect after leaving her 23-month-old relative in the car Wednesday evening while she shopped for pizza and laundry detergent.

According to the Port St. Lucie Police, 29-year-old Yessina Torres left the boy in the car for 24 minutes while she shopped at the Walmart on Gatlin Boulevard just east of I-95.

Police responded to a call from a woman saying that she heard the child crying in the back seat of the unlocked car in the parking lot.

The woman took the child from the car and sat him in her car to cool off while she called police.

When police arrived on the scene, Torres said that she forgot that the child was in the car and that it was a last minute arrangement to pick him up from daycare. Police say there was also no sign of a car seat for the child.

The parents of the child were notified, and they reported that Torres picks the child up from daycare every day.

Torres was taken to the St. Lucie County Jail and charged with child neglect.

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