Boy with no arms wows on basketball court

Jamarion Styles. (WPEC)

BOCA RATON, Fla. (WPEC) - A south Florida teen has become a sudden internet sensation for his inspirational athletic skills on the basketball court.

He’s far from your typical athlete.

We all face challenges. But one teenager - who has no arms - is not letting that slow him down.

Jamarion Styles, 13, doesn’t need arms to shoot three-pointers on the basketball court. He just lets it fly and the ball finds the net.

“I love the game, personally. My teammates help me out good and my school is good,” said Jamarion.

Because of a rare bacterial infection, Jamarion lost his arms as an infant.

But that doesn’t stop the Eagles Landing Middle School student from showing off his talents on the basketball court.

The 13-year-old is now a sensation after a Twitter video of him sinking a three-pointer just before the buzzer in a middle school game went viral this week.

“I love it right now. My teammates is enjoying me. I’m enjoying it. It’s just a great feeling,” he said.

Jamarion is now using his God-given talents and says having no arms isn’t going to stop him from getting out there.

“I don’t mind. I run right past through it. But it’s really boostin’ me up with confidence. So, I try hard every day,” Jamarion explained.

So, what would he tell others when they have to deal with challenges?

“Just stay positive and you can do whatever you can if you want to,” he said.

Jamarion’s team lost Friday’s basketball game against Boca Raton Community Middle School.

But Jamarion knows he’s still young and there will be many more games to play. And there’s always football to look forward to. He plays that game, too, and says he loves it even more than basketball.

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