Barge washes ashore on Singer Island

A barge washed ashore on Singer Island. WPEC.

A barge made its way to the Singer Island shoreline Thursday morning.

It's 144 feet long, according to records from the Coast Guard.

The freight barge is named the Baymaster IV.

The Coast Guard said it first received the call about the runaway barge around 5 a.m.

It had broken free from a tugboat.

The barge came aground north of the Lake Worth Inlet, the Coast Guard said. The agency launched a security team to investigate.

The Coast Guard said there were no injuries, no one was on board, and the barge did not cause any environmental issues with pollution.

Sea Tow is on scene to take it away, according to the Coast Guard.

Records from the Coast Guard show the vessel is owned by Sun Towing out of Louisiana.

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