Deputies search for suspects after boy kicks free of a would-be abductor

The mother of a 10-year-old boy says her son is the victim of an attempted abduction just west of Boynton Beach.

"He was in total shock," said the mother, who did not want to show her face on camera. "He couldn't scream, he couldn't utter a word. All he could do was kick and elbow."

The mother says it happened when the boy went to retrieve a ball from a neighbor's yard Monday afternoon at a home in the Lake Charleston subdivision near Jog Road and Hypoluxo Road.

"He said he grabbed the ball, turned around and started to head back to the backyard, when he felt an older gentleman, heavy-set, try to grab him," the mother said. The man had hairy arms with gloves, according to the boy's mother. He covered the boy's eyes, picked the youngster off the ground and tried to carry him away. The boy kicked free.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is looking for two people in a white van in connection with the attempted abduction. The van may have a dent in the back, according to investigators.

The Sheriff's Office said the possible abductor may have been the passenger in the van, according to what the boy told investigators. The man also did not speak to the child. Investigators said the child also didn't get a physical look at the possible abductor.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office REMINDS parents to talk to their children about the following:

  • Teach your children to take action, such as; point out places to go to for help when walking to and from school, the park, etc.
  • Remind your children to travel with a buddy or group
  • Warn your children about accepting rides or changing plans without your permission
  • Teach them the tricks would-be abductors use, such as; offering money or asking for help
  • Encourage your children to tell a trusted adult whenever anything or anyone makes them uncomfortable

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