Another local VA Center has no POTUS portrait displayed

Another VA Center has no POTUS portrait displayed (WPEC)

Some south Florida veterans are upset with the VA Medical Center in WPB.

They want a photo of President Trump displayed in the lobby.

And we’ve discovered that’s not the only VA facility that hasn’t put up a photo of the commander in chief.

In the lobby of the Delray Beach VA clinic at Military and Linton, much to the dismay of some veterans, you won’t find President Trump’s picture.

Nothing but a bare wall and a couple of picture hooks next to the U.S. Flag.

“They should’ve put Trump up there, he should be put up there ‘cause he deserves it. He won the election,” said Pat Monardo, a Navy veteran who served in WWII and the Korean War.

“It’s silly to not really respect the President of the United States. Without patriotism a country will not survive,” said Bob Connors, a Navy veteran who served in Vietnam.

Delray is not alone.

Tuesday, some veterans along with Congressman and veteran Brian Mast hung a picture of President Trump and the new VA Secretary at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center. Within hours management took them down.

That now makes at least two VA facilities---the one in West Palm Beach and the VA Clinic in Delray---that have not seen fit to put up Trump’s picture.

“I think that’s ridiculous!” said Monardo.

“The picture should be there out of respect for the President of the United States,” Connors said.

One local veteran sees things differently.

“I’m okay if they never put one up. Why is that? Because I’m not a Trump fan ‘cause he’s about to cut health care for millions of people,” said Lawrence Herrington, an Army veteran who spent 22 years in the military.

A VA spokeswoman says they have to follow protocol and wait for an official picture from Washington before they can put anything on the wall. But some vets don’t buy that, saying to wait this long to put up President Trump’s photo is disrespectful to them and the country they fought for.

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