Airbnb host catches guests burglarizing rental


A local man who rents out his house to users of the hospitality site Airbnb--got more than he bargained for when police say a guest canceled his reservation last minute, but then tried to burglarize the place.

But get this: The landlord showed up as that alleged burglary was happening because he says he felt something was fishy.

And advice to other landlords on Airbnb, "Go with your gut, you know, you just got to think if it seems suspicious, it probably is," said Matthew Aschendorf.

Aschendorf takes pride in making his house a comfortable home away from home for his Airbnb guests. Airbnb--the popular site where you can book a stay in a persons home instead of a motel or hotel.

"I haven't had a problem since this week," Aschendorf said.

On Sunday, Aschendorf was contacted by a user of Airbnb. A person saying they were from Pennsylvania --coming to Florida for a vacation. They liked the look of Matthews house in the pictures. Reservation confirmed. But about an hour before his guests were supposed to arrive-- they cancelled. That's when Aschendorf had a weird feeling. He drove to the house and found a group of suspects burglarizing it.

They came in through a backslider, but police say, they had first tried the keypad -- using the access code they were given through Airbnb.

Aschendorf called police, and four suspects were arrested not far from the house.

"And you know, I think I'm gonna be a lot more diligent in asking questions before I rent my house out," Aschendorf said. There's more.

And this is not a punchline.

One of the suspects, the suspected getaway driver, told the landlord he was just an Uber and didn't know what was happening in the house.

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