2 loaded guns found at Palm Beach Int'l

Image Courtesy: TSA

The Transportation Security Administration confiscated two loaded weapons from carry-on bags at Palm Beach International Airport this past week.

The weapons included a loaded .380 caliber handgun seized on May 12. The gun did not have a bullet in the chamber.

TSA also confiscated a loaded .40 caliber handgun on May 13. This gun did have a bullet in the chamber.

These are two of the 76 firearms found in carry-on bags this past week nationwide. Among those, 64 weapons were loaded, and 20 of them had rounds chambered.

Among the other discoveries at America's airports this week, security workers found two inert grenades in a passenger's bag at McAllen Miller Int’l Airport in Texas. The find caused more than an hour delay there.

Security screeners also found a flurry of knives in carry-on bags in Cleveland, Fairbanks, LaGuardia, and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

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