Heroin laced with terrifying new substance is killing dozens in PBC

Heroin laced with terrifying new substance is killing dozens in PBC (MGN)

Carfentanil is a drug so deadly, most users do not survive the first hit.

The Director of the Ebb Tide Treatment and former addict, Justin Kunzelman, explained, "It's instant. It's feel the rush, out. You don't even get to enjoy the high."

The substance is an analog of the synthetic opioid, used to tranquilize elephants.

However, it's more potent than Fentanyl, and 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

Rebecca MacDougal with the Palm Beach Drug Enforcement Agency, went on to say, "It's 100 times more potent then fentanyl. Which is 50 times more potent than heroin."

Carfentanil is imported from labs abroad.

Macdougal says, "Apparently it's being made in China and shipped to Mexico, then put together and brought here."

The drug can be found in numerous forms. Oftentimes it's found laced in Heroin, but it can also be bought online in capsule form; including powder, tablets, patches and even spray.

It's only been on law enforcement's radar for four months. Since July, 12 deaths have been attributed to Carfentanil overdoses in Palm Beach County.

However, those familiar with drugs on the streets say it's nothing new. Kunzelman explained, "It's a response to the sharp increase in heroin. The demand is just up so high right now I don't think the supply can match." For those who do score some, he warns, "It's a bid for street dealers to try to say that they have the best product, they're unknowingly cutting too much into their heroin."

Experts do warn about the overdose epidemic getting worse. With Carfentanil, there is no cure.

Multiple doses of Narcan is the only saving grace, and even that is usually too late.

Those in Treatment Centers believe the government needs to start exploring more non-traditional methods to start saving lives.

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