Warning: Skin cream proves fatal for several dogs

Chemo skin cream hazardous to pets.

Attention dog owners. The Federal Drug Administration has issued a new warning for those who use the chemotherapy skin cream Flourouracil, sold under the brand names Carac, Effudex and Flouroplex. At least five dogs have died after eating the cream. reports in one case, the FDA says a dog was playing with a tube of the cream and punctured it before the owner could take it away. Two hours later, the dog began vomiting and having seizures. It died 12 hours later. In another case, a dog had to be euthanized after it became ill from ingesting the cream. While there haven't been any reports involving cats, the FDA expects cats would also be extremely sensitive to the drug.

If you have Fluorouracil cream in your home, the FDA recommends storing it safely out of reach of all pets. It also recommends you properly discard the tubes, and clean any residue on your clothing, hands, furniture or carpet.

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