Senior Veggie Mobile delivers fresh fruits, veggies & hot meals to elderly residents

Senior Veggie Mobile delivers fresh fruits, veggies & hot meals to elderly residents

BOYNON BEACH, Fl. (CBS12)-- The Community Caring Center of Greater Boynton Beach provides HOPE and services to over 1,000 seniors in Palm Beach County. They provide food, financial, emotional and spiritual help to the hundreds of elderly seniors that are shut-in and find it difficult to get help with special deliveries from their Senior Veggie Mobile & Home Meals program.

Michelle Davis White is the Program Director of the Senior Veggie Mobile Program.

"It's pretty much the only program of it's type here in Palm Beach County that caters directly to seniors to the needs of seniors. And now we have almost 200 seniors that we deliver fresh fruit and vegetables every Tuesday and Thursday and home delivered meals every Wednesday and Friday."

They always welcome volunteers, donations and food items to be able to reach out to more seniors who may be lonely and suffering in silence right now.

"We do whatever we need to do to make their day better and brighter."

The seniors are truly grateful for the volunteers who not only provide fresh veggies and hot meals but also a hug and a smile.

"There's a lot of folks like me but never knew they can get help and struggled for a long time and then we met people like Michelle and care center and Willie and Donald and the other folks they make you feel comfortable they don't make you feel like you're poor begging for food they make you feel special."

Michelle feels blessed to help others in the community who need it most.

"It's a huge blessing sometimes. I can't put it into words. Spoiling our seniors, it's just awesome."

If you'd like to donate, volunteer, get involved or purchase tickets for their upcoming Fundraising Magical Masquerade Gala, Thursday Oct 27, 2016 at Benvenuto's 6:30 pm to benefit to program click HERE.

Our very own CBS12 News Anchor Michele Wright, the daughter of a 30 year nurse was proudly named the 2016 "Magical Masquerade" Gala Honorary Chair for the Event.

If you can't attend to Gala, but would like to make a donation to support the work of the CCC click HERE to donate via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.

Special Thank you to 2016 Magical Masquerade Gala Sponsors


  • Angel in Action


  • Boynton Physicans Group
  • Cambridge Medical Group
  • James & Monica DeVoursney
  • Doreen S. Robinson


  • Spodak Dental
  • Humana
  • AmTrust Bank
  • Rev. Harold Dom


  • Maureen Connolly Shannon
  • CAB Corps

Learn more about the Community Caring Center of Greater Boynton Beach click HERE

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