"Caps of Love" provide wheelchairs to children through profits from recycling plastic

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BOYNTON BEACH, Fl. (CBS12)-- There's a very special charity that provides aid to disabled children and other humanitarian needs through profits from recycling plastic caps/lids.

Caps of Love in Boynton Beach is making a difference in a very unique way to provide wheelchairs to the physically-challenged in South Florida since 2008. The founder is being recognized for educating the community to participate in recycling and increased environmental awareness.

Learn what to collect and how to identify & separate caps

Valerie Mathieu a manager at Home Depot says it's her purpose in life to give back to others. Collecting plastic caps from volunteers and even from men and women in the armed forces.

"I collect three grades of plastic caps and lids of all shapes and sizes. We sell them to a recycling company, and 100% of the proceeds are used to provide wheelchairs for handicapped children."

Mathieu tells CBS12's Michele Wright that getting involved and making a difference is easier than you think.

"We all have plastic caps and lids from items like toothpaste, peanut butter, shampoo laundry detergent, spray paint, and even 5 gallon bucket lids restaurants can donate. Through something that you're throwing away, as simple as your trash, you're changing a child's life. Today we've given out 61 wheelchairs and have recycled over 165,000 tons of plastic caps and lids."

Valerie is being recognized as one of the 2016 nominee's for the 17th annual Women of Grace luncheon benefiting the Bethesda Hospital Center for Women and Children.

"There's so many terrific women in our community doing fabulous things. To be perceived as a leader in this role, I'm overwhelmed with emotion. I'm very honored."

With the generous donation of warehouse space from Pence Windows and Doors, Valerie feels blessed to help children and families live life to the fullest.

"I'm helping others find a way to give back and if we work together, we can strengthen our communities."

Learn more about Caps of Love, the 3 grades of plastic, how to sort, get involved or make a donation via PayPal visit:

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