How the makeup you use every day could harm your skin


If you've noticed red blotches on your face, skin irritations or even acne, it might be from something you put on your face every day: your makeup.

Leslie Carter, who lives in Delray Beach has had near perfect skin her entire life, but recently she noticed red blotches on her face.

We asked to go through her makeup bag, and she admitted she has makeup in there that is years old.

"I definitely have something in there that's at least 6 years old," Carter said.


Palm Beach Gardens dermatologist Dr. Steven Shapiro said expired makeup could be cause skin issues like the kind Carter is experiencing.

He said old makeup can harbor bacteria, especially in South Florida where it is hot and moist.

He tells all his patients to thrown out any makeup older than 6 months.

"I've noticed the patients that have had skin issues, it has helped their skin by getting rid of the contaminated makeup," said Dr. Shapiro.


Makeup isn't the only part your glamour routine you need to check.

Bacteria grows in your brushes, sponges and even the bag itself.

Biology professor Robert Dudock did a simple bacteria test on two brushes and two sponges.

He found staphylococcus, which is common and harmless bacteria.

He also found a little staph aureus and that can turn into MRSA.


So, what can you do to protect your skin?

• Clean your brushes with a mild shampoo once a week; or you can sanitize them after you wash them by letting them air dry, then place in disinfectant, then let air dry again

• there is no way to clean sponges so experts recommend replacing them every three months

• Throw out makeup older than six months

• Throw out mascara older than three months

• -Wash your hands before putting on makeup to cut down on bacteria transfer

Celebrity makeup artist Georgio Fernandez from Delray Beach told us a general rule is if it looks old - toss it.

"If you see that separation - chances are it's bad. Mascaras - if it's clumpy or crusty - that's a sign it's been dried out," said Fernandez.

Experts also said you need to be careful about sharing your makeup and brushes, especially those dealing with your eyes and lips.

That could mean spreading pink eye and cold sores.

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