Fueling an Epidemic: CBS12 Investigates how drug companies push their drugs


The opioid crisis kills 15 people a day on average.

CBS12 Investigates found how one drug company played a role in the epidemic.

A recent U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee report found big pharmaceutical employers allegedly caught on tape lying to sell highly addictive pain killers.

The Congressional report included phone recordings of one drug company employee trying to get insurance approval for their drug called, Subsys used to treat cancer pain.

In part of the recording, the employee is talking to the insurance company:

Employee: “I need to know if a certain medication requires authorization and if it does can I do it over the phone. It’s urgent.”

Insurance company: “Oh, okay. You’re calling from the doctor’s office then, correct?”

Employee: “Yeah, Dr. Matalon’s Office.”

The employee does not work for a doctor.

And, the patient never had cancer.

Hear more of the recordings fueling an epidemic, Friday on CBS12 News at 6 p.m.

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