CBS12 Investigates: Expectation of privacy


They were caught in a compromising position. Two women who thought they were just getting a massage instead got the shock of their lives.

Turns out their experience at the massage parlor was caught on camera and despite how it may sound, what happened to them is completely legal despite the fact that the camera recorded the two women taking off all their clothes.

CBS12 dug deeper wanting to know how a law could invade your expectation of privacy.

For Kelly and Harlee, it was supposed to be a soothing experience. A full body rub down as a time to relax and unwind, but that wouldn’t be the case.

“I look up and I saw the camera,” Kelly said. “We were sick immediately, just sick. We couldn’t believe it.”

At first, Kelly and Harlee didn’t notice the camera on the ceiling at the Oklahoma massage parlor but when they did, they called the cops. Turns out, their entire experience was legal because the camera was clearly visible and the racy recording wasn’t shared with anyone.

“So just doesn’t make sense to me that something like that isn’t illegal,” Kelly said.

The law here in Florida is nearly identical to the one in Oklahoma. A sign needs to be clearly visible alerting customers to the cameras, the cameras need to be out in the open, and any video taken by the cameras can’t be shared with others.

But how could the law allow this to happen?

CBS12 found out by contacting Governor Rick Scott.

We asked the Governor how can the law be written the way it is while at the same time allowing people the right to their privacy.

“I’d want to review exactly what’s going on and exactly how it’s being applied,” Scott said, adding that he’d take a look at the law if lawmakers brought it to his attention.

So what about lawmakers?

When CBS12 called nearly a dozen throughout the state, everyone seemed to be in Tallahassee.

No one wanted to talk about it but police in Tulsa, Oklahoma would.

“Morally, do I think it was OK for the girls to be recorded?” asked Sgt. Jillian Phippen. “Absolutely not however, we have to then do our investigation in order to pull those elements together.”

As for Kelly and Harlee, they want the law change so other customers don’t have to experience the massage nightmare they did.

“We just have to find to find the loophole in the law, whatever it is, and fix it,” both women said.

For them, it’s all about fixing the law so when they get their next massage, they can relax and not worry about their privacy being violated.

Some massage parlors are putting security cameras in place to protect their company and employees from sexual assault lawsuits, but the bottom line is it's best to take a good look around the next time you go in for a massage.

You never know if a camera could be watching you.

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