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Managing Your Loved One's Care Remotely

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A good private duty home health care agency will interact regularly with remote family members. Monitoring for changes is just part of the job says Scott Greenberg, President of ComForcare Palm Beach.

"We open every case we undertake with a registered nurse to build a plan of care. We then monitor for changes regularly and formally and also do re-assessments every 6 months. Our nurses go in and look for any changes, and assess if the changes are normal or significant. Reporting back to the family, no matter where they live, is an important part of the service. Knowing what's going on with mom or dad is important and our people know they are the eyes and ears of the remote family and they take that part of the job seriously."

To learn more about how the staff at ComForcare can help care for your loved ones, call (561) 630-1620 or visit them at

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