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Caregivers: Knowing When To Get Help

Knowing When To Get Help

Scott Greenberg of ComForcare is often asked to speak to different audiences on the subjects surrounding this aging highway we all travel down.

Recently he was asked to be part of the Human Library for the Executive Women in Business Confab held at The Kravis Center. This group brought together dynamic women from all walks of life in the business community. The Human Library put experts on different topics at tables where interested parties could come to pick the experts brain but more importantly knowledge share on the particular subject at that table.

The table he led was about communicating with and dealing with your aging parents. So why would that subject be important to these high powered business women? Because family caregiving almost always becomes the daughter's responsibility and how do you juggle caring for your kids, your parents and your career when mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer's or some other tragic disease? If you're the employer, how do you help your employee find balance and how does your company cope with the strains now being put on others to pick up the slack while your employee is otherwise engaged? This is a complex issue that doesn't get anywhere near the attention it deserves.

In today's world, where the desire for two incomes is rarely a choice but often a necessity, how do you cope when your parent needs help and you can no longer balance everything on your plate? That's where ComForcare may be able to help. No one doesn't want to be there when mom or dad needs help but it is not always possible to be all things to all people. Quality care from a provider like ComForcare can help you meet all your obligations and give you confidence that mom and dad are well taken care of while you continue with your business and other family obligations.

Scott Greenberg, President of ComForcare Palm Beach Gardens can be reached at (561) 630-1620 or online at

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