Virtual reality home buying

Grit Virtual Construction illustrates real buildings in virtual reality. They want buyers to be able to walk through their new home with ease. WPEC

The home-buying process is about to change thanks to technology.

Chris Allen is the CEO of Grit Virtual Construction, and his company illustrates real buildings in virtual reality.

"We have only looked at it for commercial use," Allen says. "We were asked the question 'what about residential?' At first, we were hesitant, but then we thought about model home."

Allen is working with home designer Paul Gray to digitally build his model homes for potential home buyers to tour.

"They can walk through and get a chance to see what this is really going to look like," Gray says. "But it goes beyond seeing what it looks like. It gives you a chance to see what it feels like."

The designs are detail-specific, and include angels of lighting and textures of building supplies.

If buyers want details within the model changes, they simply tell the designer. They'll change up the products for free.

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