Consumer Reports: Airlines get high marks

Consumer Reports Airlines

Despite a viral video that shows a passengers being dragged off a United airlines flight... The nation's airlines are getting high marks... when it comes to sticking to their schedules and overbooking flights.

Despite recent controversy, the airline industry is gaining some altitude when it comes to customer satisfaction.

“This is the best airline quality rating score in twenty seven years,” said Dr. Dean Headley of Wichita State University.

The annual report card tracks key airline statistics.

Researchers found on-time performance ratings rising: 81% of flights landing within 15 minutes of scheduled times; 17% less baggage losing it’s way; chances of getting bumped off a flight is down 18%.

“Bags and bumpings are better than they’ve ever been,” said Headley.

The top-ranked carriers include Alaska Airlines, Delta, Virgin America, Jetblue and Hawaiian Airlines.

It is still unclear how that viral video could change airline policy for over booked flights, but United is vowing to never use officers again to remove passengers.

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