Consumer Report: Properly spring clean your bed

Consumer Report: Properly spring clean your bed

When it comes to spring cleaning don't forget about your bedding. CBS 12's Eric Roby shows us what you should be doing for your health in this Consumer Reports.

You spend a third of your life in bed so why not make it a healthy haven? Consumer Reports says it's a good idea to periodically clean up your pillows and mattress.

"Cleaning your mattress and pillows it removes dust mites, dirt and other allergens," says Sara Morrow with Consumer Reports. "Plus over time it'll help keep your mattress in good condition."

First, clean your mattress with your vacuum.

Next - deodorize. Sprinkle a 1-pound box of baking soda on your mattress.

"We recommend leaving it there for about 24 hours so before you start this you'll want to make sure you've made other sleeping arrangements for the night."

For pillows fluff them every day to keep their shape and remove any dust.

Once a month run the pillows through the dryer on the no-heat cycle.

If needed, some pillows can be washed but you need to dry them thouroughly.

"Just be patient because it can take hours for pillows to completely dry and we want a completely dry pillow to prevent any mold or mildew."

You can add in a couple of towels, which can speed up the drying, and a clean tennis ball or two to keep the pillows from clumping in the dryer.

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