Consumer Alerts: Mechanic distrust

Consumer Alerts: Mechanic distrust. (WPEC)

A new survey from AAA shows most drivers, like Nick Lam-Wagoner, don't trust auto mechanics.

Lam-Wagoner spends a lot of time and money upgrading his ride. He doesn't trust repairs to just anyone.

"It's usually by referral and even then when I meet them I (have to) see if I like their vibe," Lam-Wagoner said. "We chat a little bit, kind of feel them out and make sure there's not, y'know, something shady going on."

For many drivers, finding a trusted mechanic is tricky. AAA's new survey found tow out of three drivers don't trust auto repair shops in general.

Seventy-six percent believe repair shops recommend unnecessary services, and 73 percent believe mechanics overcharge for work. Many drivers also worry the work won't be done correctly.

"But on the other hand, the survey also found that a majority of the drivers had found a trusted mechanic," said AAA Spokesperson Jeffery Spring. "So even though in general they don't trust repair services or shops, they did find a trusted mechanic."

The best advice from AAA: simply do some research and asking for recommendations from family and friends.

One more interesting point; the survey found a generational difference. Older drivers were more trusting of mechanics, while younger drivers were more distrustful.

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