Consumer Alerts: Future online shopping

Consumer Alerts: Future online shopping. (MGN)

The problem with online shopping is that you can't physically see the item. This makes buying big things like furniture extremely difficult online.

Wayfair wants its products to jump off the pages of its catalog and website and right into our homes.; and they're making virtual reality real.

The retailer is creating a whole new way to browse and to buy, turning thousands of house-hold items into 3D images.

"It's going to rotate 18 degrees, take a picture and then rotate again," said Wayfair employee Mike Festa. "When you're spending a lot of money, you really want to be confident that is what you think it is."

Using the just released Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, the "Wayfair View" app allows users to drop a virtual product into any room, and see if it fits.

"Hopefully it's a matter of time before we see it across all devices," Festa said.

The options doesn't stop there. Wayfair also just started to show customers virtual rooms with the use of virtual reality headsets. Experts believe this is only the start of a new way to shop online.

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