New app for home repairs


Now you can get handyman service at your front door, while barely lifting finger.

There's a new app for that. it's called "Homee on Demand."

It started here in Florida.

The developers are selling it as the Uber of home repairs.

If you have a little time and skill around the house, then you are just like Renee Fagel. Her to-do list includes fixing an electrical outlet and repairing some trim.

"I'll say that I'm going to do it. And I get in over my head. Or I'll get in the middle and think, I'd rather be doing that. It's a matter of having more on your plate than you have time to do," said Fagel.

Fagel is turning to the new app.

"I select the service and I'm going to say handyman," she said.

The handyman today? Meet Larry who connects with Renee through his phone and takes on the job, letting Fagel know he's just more than 10 minutes away and ready to work.

The app lets here know the price, a $34 dispatch fee. Then, it's $1.07 per minute.

One of the founders of the app says the rates are based on two things. Location and current labor department information.

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